Supplemental Class Information | Highline College

Instructional Modes

Courses at Highline are taught using different instruction modes. The way these modes are presented in ctcLink can sometimes be confusing and mean more than one thing.

Better descriptions of these instructional course modes are available here: Instruction Modes.

Permission Numbers

Some courses have a prerequisite or require instructor permission before you can enroll. If the college does not have a record that you meet the prerequisite, then you may need to request a permission number before you can enroll using ctcLink.

If you meet the prerequisites for a course, then you should be able to enroll using ctcLink without a permission number.

Use the Permission Number website to send a request to the instructor: Permission Numbers

Annual Course Offerings

The Annual Course Offerings page is meant to help you with planning your schedule of future classes. The annual schedule may be subject to change.

Please check the Class Schedule each quarter for final details on what courses are being offered during a specific quarter.

Registration Schedule

Important enrollment dates and deadlines are posted in the following calendar: Dates and Deadlines.

Academic Calendars

The Academic Calendar is available in the College Catalog. It includes the beginning and ending dates for each quarter, as well as all campus holidays.

Finals Schedule

The schedule for Final Exams at Highline does not follow the same schedule as the normal schedule for a class. Check out the schedule to find out when your class has its final exam: Finals Schedule